Yesterday was a beautiful and emotional day as we dropped Mallory off at the MTC in Provo where she will spend the next two months preparing to serve in the Adriatic North Mission. We took pictures at the Provo Temple before taking her to the MTC. We had heard that the drop off is a quick experience. We were impressed with the organization of the drop off and it was exciting to see all of the reporting missionaries both on the Temple grounds and at the MTC. The volunteers at the MTC were gracious and welcoming as we left her curb side. We could see that they were trying to accommodate the arrival of many new missionaries, but they still gave me the opportunity for one last quick hug. She would want me to encourage everyone reading this post to send her a letter, many letters if possible and you are willing. And as always please keep her in your prayers.







4 thoughts on “MTC

  1. Will you post her MTC address or text it to me? I definitely have a book and a letter for her that I was a little delinquent in getting to her before Wednesday 🙂

    • Her address can be found under the heading “mailing address” at the top of the blog page. If you can’t find it let me know. You are not delinquent, you are inspired. She will love getting the mail!

  2. These are beautiful pictures. Malory is going to be an exceptional missionary and will change many, many lives wherever she goes! She is one outstanding daughter of our Heavenly Father!

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